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The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women

For Males Only

I now see that women are either

a) weaklings


b) violent raving lunatics.

I'd thought, maybe she would be the.... 


Bah, women.


[ OOC: Omg. I so want to make Tenten comment. Because like. Omg. XD But I suppose it would make more sense for neither to comment on the other's private rantings against the other sex. ]
[OOC: Neji was too mad right now to write much. Tenten affected him so! But he'll follow up with a rant, worry not. ^_^ Isn't he a misogynistic little grump?]
I entirely agree with choice B. My sister fits that description perfectly.

Of course, the first choice is also true.
A violent raving manic weakling. It would fit; their lack of strength so infuriates them they seek to hide it by attack indiscriminately.
Having woman troubles, Hyuuga? *Amused arch of the brow*
None of your business.

And it's not troubles.

I just learnt the truth.
Oh, how hurt I am.

Truth? Is that the truth about how some female has apparently gotten the best of you?

*bristles, because he has been angsting about exactly that*

No woman has gotten the BEST of me, Uchiha. Unlike you, I was never tied to my mother's apron-strings.

...it was a SURPRISE attack. Otherwise she would never have gotten a hit in.
If she has not, then why are you so upset over the fact she's gotten some part of you-- to the point you must demerit all women? (Don't tempt me, Hyuuga.)
She has NOT gotten to me. I am merely announcing the truth that I have discovered.

(Bring it, Uchiha)
Truth, hmmm.

(Hah, anytime.)
I can say I'm engaged to a woman who is neither of the above.
You'll see. You'll SEE.
Tobi has always been taught to be nice to girls, maybe Hyuuga-sir need do the same.
Even if you're nice to them, they STEP ALL OVER YOU and then HIT YOU WHEN YOU'RE DOWN.

Niceness is NOT the answer.

**Steps in on the conversation**

... Hyuuga, you're lack of the ability to deal with women continues to amuse me.

Re: **Steps in on the conversation**

Not all of us have women continually telling us how to RUN OUR LIVES, Uchiha.
Hyuuga, I have to wonder whether or not your views on my mother and I's relationship has to do with the fact you yourself are in lack of a mother.

Or I could just be reading in to it, and you really are that immature.
Ooc: ... I'm so lame. *Reading too in to it. Ignore my petty attempts at insults. >>;
[OOC: Hee hee, no. Neji and Sasuke can only speak by insulting each other. :P ]]

Do not imagine that I am as...needy as you are, Uchiha.

And don't you speak of my mother.
You'd not know of a mother's love, so don't assume things, Hyuuga.

Then don't speak of my own.
But perhaps if Neji-Sir is nice to them they won't step on him and hit him (unless they are mean, Tobi thinks,) Tobi is curious as to what Neji-Sir did to merit the attack from the evil female?
I did not do anything to merit the attack. The evil female, for no reason whatsoever, suddenly lauched herself at me. I was taken off-guard.

In fact, I had been helping her just before she attacked me.
Oh. Maybe Tobi should quote in here you only hurt the ones you love?
...that has no bearing in this situation.
I feel I should inform you that your mother was neither, and mine, though often ill, was neither mad nor weak.

Women are human, Neji, and it is the fallen nature of mankind to hurt others.
Maybe mother was the last of the good women. Maybe it's just my generation filled with infuriating....HARPIES.

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