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most displeased

Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Caramel

I have never been so humiliated in all my life. And this humiliation will FOLLOW me. It is a VISIBLE BRAND OF SHAME.

Hanabi, why? What have I done to you that you felt the need to punish me so?

Or is it that you're just an evil little midget?

I curse the day I ever agreed to take you into Paris.


Considering our situation, it was our only option. If you feel it must be viewed as a punishment, then it will become so.

Have you found a hairdresser of your liking?

Evil? That has its own shade of compliment, though I prefer inquisitive.

....no, not yet. I - do not wish to expose myself to the scrutiny of someone who is not trustworthy.

Without doubt you were hatched from the Pit. As all females were.
*dryly* Permanent maiming or death, cousin? It could have been worse.

And who would you define as trustworthy? Considering your ill-tempered outlook, I believe it will be difficult for you.

No more than you males are were either. Or did you forget your anatomy classes?
*stiffly* Of course not, and I know that we were fortunate to get away from those ruffians who YOU goaded into rage without more serious injury. That does not make THIS suffering any lesser.

Trustworthy means one who will not use it to gain advantage over me. Or taunt me. Like you would.

*primly* It was for the Hyuuga honor. I refuse to let a common-born demean the noble Hyuuga house. Consider your suffering to be a badge of courage, if you must. You put too much value on your hair.

Come now, cousin. When I have done so? Why, would you prefer sister Hinata to do it for you? Or...perhaps that Chinese princess. You spent an awfully long time with her over the winter.
*too flustered to reply to any of Hanabi's other remarks*

....I don't know what you're talking about. I spoke with her only as much as anyone. there's no way this midget knows about the chicken soup, is there?
Cousin, she went inside your room. How can that not imply some...closeness? I certainly have never had her in my quarters.

*makes no remark about the soup, but the implication is there >D*


She bribed the entire Hyuuga kitchen staff for what amounted to soup. And you said interesting things in the spring.
*quotes verbatim: "I think I'm happy! That's very odd."* It is not so hard to make some assumptions.
It means nothing.


I was happy...to be...uh...getting well.

Yes, that's it.
If you say so, cousin.

*pauses* Would you object to her trimming your hair though? If you are so intent on hiding in your room due to your predicament, I am willing to ask those you feel as "trustworthy" to do so.

Unless you would rather wait inside your room until your hair grows out again.
My room is very comfortable, thank you.

...but for reasons completely unrelated to your 'imaginary attraction I have for her', that, while a good notion due to her expertise with blades, never will Tenten trim my hair.

She's an imperial princess. She doesn't trim hair. ...especially not for members of a Branch house
That is good. Will it be so comfortable a month from now? I recall your complaints of boredom while sick.

Neither do imperial princesses serve soup or practice unusual forms of weaponry.

*sighs* I did offer to help trim the edges.
I can't say Miss Hanabi is my favorite person, but come now. You must be exaggerating.
He certainly is. He insists on examining each strand of hair for the extent of damage, and he remains hiding in his room.

...I do not suppose you could convince him otherwise? There is that tunnel that connects your quarters.
((OOC: For purposes of plot, shall we pretend Neji can't read this? Because I find him being startled as Tenten pops out of the tunnel again to be hilarious))
[[OOC: *snickers* Of course. Tenten and Hanabi could be quietly speaking down the hallway or something.]]
((OOC: Awesome. *grins* BTW, interested in another log?))
[[OOC: >D I am always interested.]]
((Sweet. I started a file on googledocs. That sound okay to you? ))
[[On it! =D]]
I can imagine.

Oh, you kn--I mean, tunnel. There is a tunnel connecting our quarters?...!
Yes. There is. Ah, you did not know of this?

*makes no statement of knowing that Tenten had to have used the tunnel before in order to deliver soup*
Wh-why no. Of course not...!

...Er, how inappropriate. I should complain.

*guilty, guilty, and guilty.*
Really? At this time I believe it can serve a beneficial purpose. I very much doubt my cousin will leave his room under his own free will.
...You're suggesting we make use of the--this tunnel?

Do you object?
Uhm... I see. I suppose as the--the one living in one side of the tunnel--And of course as a favor to you--

When did you say we do this?
Y...your imperial highness.

...it is a minor matter, highness. Pray do not disturb yourself over it. A mere bit of family business that means I'm not coming out of this room until I'm fit to be seen again.
I have never been so humiliated in all my life. And this humiliation will FOLLOW me. It is a VISIBLE BRAND OF SHAME.

It does not sound minor, at least on your end. And if you're not coming out, this means I come in.
I...apologize for being so very...ill-behaved. Please, do not trouble yourself.....
I... Well. I'll accept your apology, if you stop being ridiculous and come out. And take better care of your sword. We still have to tend to that, you know.
I - ah - I have things to do. Inside my room.

I promise to polish my sword while I'm at it.

((OOC: Innuendo? WHY YES.))
Like I said, if you're not coming out...

Polish? It's beyond needing just polish! It needs love! It's your own fault for neglecting it like that! *huff*

((OOC: OH YES. She's totally coming in.))
I assure you, I have perfectly good sword-polishing techniques. I have been polishing my own sword for years now, I've had extensive training...
*scoffs* From what I saw of your sword the other day, it looked as if you haven't polished it in years. I really have to insist on this. Or I won't be able to sleep at night.
(( OOC: ^_________________________________^ ))

With all due respect, highness, it is MY sword. What claim you have on it?
[ooc: XP]

It isn't that I want to claim your sword for my own! It's merely the fact that at the moment I doubt you are deserving of the sword! ...With all due respect.
Are you implying I am not man enough to use a sword properly?
[ooc: Ooooh, did she hit a nerve? XD]

I have yet to see how you use a sword in a true fight. Therefore I can't imply something about that just yet.

What I'm sure about is you aren't fit enough to care for the dignity of your sword.
((OOC: maaaaaybe. ))

I would offer to let you see how well I use my sword, however I feel it is not proper for one such as I to make such an offer to an imperial princess.

I care very much about every aspect of my dignity, including my sword's.
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